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June 25, 2021

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Butterfly shoes

In high school, I had a friend who collected things that had rainbows on them. I decided I needed a “thing” (other than books, LOL) and decided on butterflies.

I mean, it wasn’t totally random, it’s not like I would have gone for roosters or roses* JUST to have a thing, I already really liked butterflies.

Good thing, because ….


I got SO MUCH butterfly-themed stuff. For years. 

I think sometimes people are grateful to have a hook like that to grab onto when selecting gifts – not that I consider myself particularly hard to buy for, but there were lots of lovely and unique things I received that I would never have known to put on a list. (My family lives & dies by birthday and Christmas lists.)

It’s tapered off quite a bit but I’m still known as the one who likes butterflies.

And I do. Especially when I saw these shoes on the DIY Designer YouTube channel.

Side note – I am OBSESSED with this woman’s channel. I have the supplies for at least half a dozen of her projects that I will get to one of these days. Her name is Orly Shani and she’s awesome and funny, go check her out.

She has two versions of the tutorial – she’s a contributor on a cable talk show (Hallmark Channel, I think?), so the full segment from that is posted, plus a “short.” I really loved the look of her gold high heels (wasn’t as big a fan of the black flats), but my 52-year-old feet can not do 4” spikes anymore, so I had to search out an alternate shoe.

I got these – I liked the lower height that still looks dressy and that the blocky heel is more stable but it’s still shiny. The butterfly stickers are these but there are other versions with different wing patterns.

It’s super simple! There are 3 sizes of butterflies, and you’ll need one of each size for each shoe. Bend the wings up on each – most on the smallest, least on the biggest – then use a SMALL DAB of hot glue or E6000 (seriously, a little goes a long way) to attach them to each other along the bodies, leaving the wings free.

Attach to the clear vinyl shoe strap with hot glue or double-sided tape. (I used the E6000 and it got me through the wedding I wore them to, but they got jostled on the trip home and came loose, so I re-did them with double-sided tape. They’re not something that packs well, they’re more of a “close to home” shoe. I wore them again a week later to a graduation party, but they did NOT make it into my VERY tightly packed suitcase for Las Vegas.)

They turned out so pretty and it was fun to tell people that I “made” my shoes. One warning – in bright sunlight, these things can blind you, they are VERY reflective.

I took some pictures while wearing them, but the perspective is weird and unattractive when it’s your own feet.

Posted June 22, 2021

*I like tulips if anyone’s looking to send me flowers

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