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“Week” 47: BLT Mac

There are nine days left in this project, and only two Sundays, and I’m three recipes behind, so I’m getting desperate creative. BLTs are my favorite sandwich – OK, that’s a lie, I don’t like lettuce … bacon & tomato sandwiches are my favorite – and since I had some leftover roasted tomatoes from the previous recipe (not to mention some leftover mac & cheese) plus an unopened package of bacon in the fridge, it was perfect timing. I don’t typically put cheese on my BLTs, but it’s certainly not an unappealing flavor combination!



  • Leftover mac & cheese (see notes)
  • Roasted tomatoes (see the Roasted Veggie Mac post from a couple of days ago), roughly chopped
  • However much bacon you have on hand (see notes)
  • 1-2 handfuls of raw spinach leaves, roughly chopped


  • Make or reheat mac & cheese
  • Cook the bacon to your desired level of crispness. I have 2 methods that I prefer, depending on the amount of bacon and amount of time that I have.
    • Line a baking sheet with foil, then lay the bacon strips out on a wire cooking rack. Place the rack on the baking sheet and cook in the oven at 400 for 15-18 minutes. Remove and let cool, then crumble into small pieces. (My Pampered Chef salad chopper works great for this.)
  • Chop raw bacon into small pieces and cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently. Scoop the bacon bits onto a paper-towel lined plate to drain and cool. (A cool trick I learned somewhere is to roll individual bacon slices loosely and freeze, then you can take out a few pieces here or there rather than having to thaw the whole pack at once. Bacon rollups that are partially thawed are also easier to chop evenly.)
  • Combine a scoop of mac & cheese with 2-3 tablespoons each of the tomatoes, spinach, and bacon.


I’m completely biased for bacon and tomato together, and this did not disappoint! The spinach is fine – it doesn’t really add or detract either way, so just like I don’t use lettuce on the sandwich version, consider it optional.


  • As I mentioned recently, you may not always have leftover mac & cheese on hand the way I seem to. I used some leftover Sour Cream & Onion Mac from a week or so ago; but the Classic Mac recipe from Week 1 would be terrific here.
  • One of my favorite humor writers, Jill Connor Browne (the Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love), says that a serving of bacon is however much is in front of you. I do not disagree with this sentiment.

Posted February 19, 2021

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