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52 macs in 52 weeks

June 26, 2020

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First Quarter Recap

When I hit week 13, I mentioned that I was 25% of the way through already. If I’d thought of it then, I would have done a recap, but the idea didn’t occur to me until recently. So this is a look back at how it went through the first 13 weeks.

Number of weeks I made and posted a recipe: 13/13

Number of times I missed my self-imposed Sunday posting deadline: 1

Unexpected challenge: A global pandemic. Following stay home orders means not running to the store on a whim or for just one ingredient, I actually have to PLAN. And not being able to share leftovers at work meant my fridge and freezer got FULL – I recently dropped off three quart-sized bags of leftovers at my parents’ just to clear some space.

Top 3 favorites:

1. Broccoli Cheddar Mac (week 4). This was sooooo good. I’ve been sharing extras with my parents most weeks … this one was REALLLY hard to give any up. (I did, though.)

2. Asparagus Prosciutto Mac (week 8). This one was very different from anything I’d made or tried and it was great. Very “fresh” and spring-y.

3. Classic Mac (week 1). You can’t go wrong with the standard version. I actually made this one twice that week when family came in from out of town. Everyone seemed to like it and there wasn’t much more than a noodle left in the pot when dinner was over.

Most disappointing: The Garlic Mac (week 10) and the Bacon Ranch Mac (week 11). I expected to LOOOVE these, but they were not garlicky or ranch-y enough. Maybe my expectations were too high.

Biggest cooking fail: The French Onion Mac (week 9) was good – after I scraped off the top that I’d turned into charcoal. Apparently, I need remedial instruction on how to use my broiler.

Most surprising result: It tasted great, but I swear the Irish Mac made with Guinness beer (week 3) gave me a hangover – I had the worst headache and digestive issues the next day. But without any of the fun buzz beforehand. Nobody else reported any symptoms, so I assume it wasn’t food poisoning.

Best response to a post: After the French Onion Mac post went up, my mom commented that my dad was “simultaneously laughing and drooling!!” (Laughing at me in my onion goggles and drooling over the caramelized onions.)

What I’m looking forward to: discovering even more new and tasty recipes over the remaining 39 weeks! (Well, it’s down to 36 now!!!)

Posted June 26, 2020

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